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EOTRACE is a marketplace where producers and buyers can connect and trade raw materials. In the past decades, virtual marketplaces have modernised and revolutionised many major industries. EOTRACE is bringing this same experience to our industry, while maintaining quality and integrity in the community. 



Our mission is to bring corporate raw materials buyers and suppliers together to connect and trade. We simplify and structure the purchase process, while maintaining security and ensuring the highest quality of products available. We build and maintain relationships with known and trusted suppliers, creating a virtual community where industry players can do business securely and efficiently.


The EOTRACE team has a professional history of working for global e-commerce giants. As people, we are passionate about nature, health and staying connected to the natural world. It made sense for us to try and bring our knowledge of technology and business to the essential oil industry, where we want to make a difference. Prior to launching EOTRACE, we both experienced firsthand the complexity of the essential oil industry, and developed expertise that we bring to EOTRACE. 


We believe in quality. That starts with our quality sourcing team carefully selecting and inviting top industry suppliers to sell their products on EOTRACE. We remain attentive to the needs of both buyers and suppliers on the platform. We keep the purchase process simple and straightforward while committing to the integrity, quality and security of the platform.


Our philosophy is all about simplicity for the customer, without forsaking quality. We believe that this starts at the source. We are on a constant search for trusted suppliers with the finest quality products, giving great importance to the origin of raw materials, sustainability and are always attentive to the social commitment of manufacturers and producers.

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