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Citriodora essential oil - Eucalyptus citriodora Hook - Aromeya, Madagascar

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Producer/ distillery: Aromeya work directly with Plants producer from Madagascar.  Each bathes are analysed and all traceability information available on request. 

Packaging:  Small Qty, Semi Bulk and Bulk

Delivery zone:  Sending from Madagascar.

100% pures et naturelles

L’huile essentielle de citriodiora est à base d’eucalyptus citriodora ou eucalyptus citronné. L’eucalyptus citronné est un arbre robuste de 25 à 30 m de haut dont l’écorce est blanchâtre. A Madagascar, l’arbre est mieux connu sous le nom de kinin’oliva. Ses feuilles sont distillées par Aromeya pour en produire l’huile essentielle de citriodora.


The essential oil of Lemon Eucalyptus is highly concentrated in citronellal and citronellol. These different molecules give it the following main properties:

Anti-Inflammatory, Antirheumatic +++ (citronellal): citronellal intervenes by modulating the body's immune response to an aggression suffered (inflammation) and calms the sensations of heat, and the redness that results.

Insect repellent, Acaricide +++ (citronellol, citronellal): the citronellal and citronellol of this essential oil keep insects away and kill certain mosquito larvae. They also soothe bites.

Antifungal +++: this essential oil fights against the development of fungi.

Antispasmodic +++ (citronellal): citronellal helps fight against digestive or respiratory muscle spasms: it calms involuntary muscle contractions and inhibits in particular prostaglandin E2, a substance responsible for uterine contractions.

Analgesic +++ (citronellal): this essential oil contains more than 65% citronellal; it soothes skin pain (itching, eczema, ...).

Antihypertensive, Calming, Sedative ++ (citronellal): citronellal is a negativating molecule which means that it has soothing properties; it acts on certain neuro-mediators (molecules allowing the transfer of nervous information). Citronellol dilates the walls of the blood vessels which reduces blood pressure.

Antibacterial +: the essential oil of Lemon Eucalyptus is effective against Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella typhi. It is also a good airborne antiseptic.

Botanical characteristics
  • Latin name: Eucalyptus citriodora Hook
  • Botanical family: Myrtaceae
  • Distilled part: leaves
  • Country of origin: Madagascar
Biochemical characteristics
  • citronnellal: 65 to 82%.
  • citronellol : ≤ 8 %
  • isopulegol: ≤ 9
Physical characteristics
  • Density at 20°C: 0.860 to 0.882
  • Refractive index at 20°C: 1.445 to 1.460
  • Rotating power at 20°C: -1° to 3°.
  • Flash point: +78°C

Aromeya offers citriodora essential oil in the following cases:

Muscle and joint pain, especially those located in the back, neck, fingers, hands, toes (tendinitis), sciatica, sprains, rheumatism.
Respiratory disorders: greasy cough, acute bronchitis, chronic bronchitis
Skin irritation
Mosquito and lice repellent

External use
Citriodora essential oil is used in massage or friction on the areas to be treated. It is necessary to incorporate 1 to 3 drops of oil in sweet almond vegetable oil.

For neck tensions, Aromeya advises you to prepare a mixture based on 1 drop of eucalyptus citriodora, 2 drops of ravintsara diluted in a handful of vegetable oils. Apply 2 drops of this mixture on your nape of the neck and massage the part gently.

Add 10 drops of citriodora essential oil in milk or egg yolk to your bath to relieve your muscular pains.

Against insect bites, apply 1 drop 4x per day on the areas to be treated.

Internal use
Combined with thyme or lemon in a bowl of hot water, citriodora essential oil invigorates and regenerates the body, while invigorating and toning the mind.

A few drops of essential oil of eucalyptus citriodora in diffusion from 30 minutes to 1 hour is both useful in case of fatigue and keeps away mosquitoes.

The use of the essential oil of citriodora offered for sale by Aromeya should not be prolonged for up to 3 successive weeks.
Authorized users
Possible ways of use
Risks of use
Other precautions

Dermal application


The essential oil of Lemon Eucalyptus must be diluted to 20% for its application on the skin (20% essential oil, 80% vegetable oil).

For babies, diluted skin application is possible on the advice of a health professional.

In diffusion


The essential oil of Lemon Eucalyptus can be tear-producing or tussigenic for sensitive people; please use it with care.

Babies can use it in atmospheric diffusion, it is then advisable to dilute it from 20 to 80% in other essential oils.

Allergenic components

The essential oil of Lemon Eucalyptus contains biochemical allergenic components:
citronellol (≤8 %)
linalool (≤1 %)
eugenol (≤1 %)
geraniol (≤0,5 %)
limonene (≤0,5 %)
citral (≤0,2 %)

Note: It is preferable to test the essential oil before using it (two drops in the hollow of the elbow for at least 24 hours to check that there is no reaction).

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