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FGF Trapani S.R.L.

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FGF Trapani S.R.L. is synonym of lemon, but it also means family.
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Operation Address
Sofía Vigolani
Ruta 9 Km. 1303 esq. Constitución
Tafí Viejo , Tucumán, 4103
T: +54) (381) 322 8700
Corporate Address
Sofía Vigolani
Ruta 9 Km. 1303 esq. Constitución
Tafí Viejo , Tucumán, 4103
T: +54) (381) 322 8700


About us

FGF Trapani S.A is synonymous with lemon, and also with family. Its members represent part of the third and fourth generation since Ignacio Trapani cultivating citrus in Tucumán in 1937, engaged in growing, producing and trading fresh lemons and their derivatives, and to a lesser extent, other citrus fruits. In this way, the Company has become a high quality lemon supplier, and is growing at the national and international market every year.

The Company has the support of an important group of producers, whose harvests, added to our own ones, enable us to concentrate and process more than 120.000 tons of lemons per year, destined to the industrialization and export of fresh produce. This year, FGF Trapani SA has set up a joint venture with Limoneira CO, unifying sales platforms to supply customers with fresh lemons from multiple regions 365 days a year. Thus, establishing in Argentina a new entity for exporting fresh produce named Trapani Fresh. We export to the worldwide market, especially to the European Community, Eastern European countries, Asia, Canada and the United States, in all cases with absolute quality guarantee. The Company owns 1.100 hectares of lemon, orange and mandarin farms in the provinces of Salta and Jujuy (northwest of Argentina). Our three packinghouses are equipped with electronic sorting and sizer machinery, increasing the processing capacity to 30,000 tons of fresh fruit per year. Our industrial plant has the capacity to process 90.000 tons of lemons per year, 20.000 tons of oranges and 5.000 tons of grapefruits. The plant has cutting-edge fully automated technology for the extraction of juice, oil and dehydrated peel.

We have GLOBAL GAP, BRC, SEDEX, KOSHER and HALAL certifications, which implies a commitment with society, with the environment and with its main capital: its human resources.


“Empresa de Lideres Auténticos"


FGF TRAPANI S.A., an agro-export company, dedicated mainly to cultivation, industrialization and lemon exportation. It carries and transmits a work culture and experience of over 60 years. It is committed to the satisfaction of its customers and suppliers, with the objective of generating resources and welfare to those who are part of it and its circle of influence. Its culture is based on being good and doing good. Always with the spirit of service that characterizes it.


To be a leading company at an international level in the citrus world by expanding product portfolios and supplying from different regions. To create sustainability and long-term values..


1. Authentic leader:

He is proactive and optimistic. He does not wait for opportunities, he creates them. He is upright and is at the service of others to achieve a goal larger than his own one. He teaches, accompanies and supports his team members to make decisions to motivate them to be leaders too. EVERYONE CAN BE A LEADER, it does not come from a position or responsibility. You are a leader from the moment you decide, and that decision affects your colleagues. An authentic leader is a person of flesh and bones, is someone who makes mistakes, who admits the errors in front of his followers and reformulates. A leader uses his worst experience to learn from it and overcome it.


The value of being helpful, is the value of feeling love and willingness to help others. Helpful people are interested in feeling good with others and especially with themselves. Helpfulness keeps our interpersonal relationship solid and generates inner satisfaction bound to happiness.

3. Effective Communication:

First, we try to understand and then to be understood. The need we have to be understood is one of the most intense feelings of human beings. This habit is the key to human relationships and makes it possible to reach win/win agreements.

4. "Synergy" Teamwork:

It is the result of cultivating the ability and the attitude of valuing diversity; the synthesis of divergent ideas produces better and superior ideas than individual ones.

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

5. Gratitude:

Gratitude is the virtue of thanking the person who favored you with his help. It is accompanied by other feelings such as love, loyalty and friendship. He who expresses gratitude is a happy person!.



To F.G.F Trapani S.A, sustainability in its three dimensions is the base of business and because of that, all its potential growing is planned prioritizing natural resources optimization, biodiversity preservation and generation of environmentally friendly products.

Our Social Responsibility Programs are oriented to improve our employers and their families lives quality, to promote the equality stimulating technological – productive development through supporting research and entities of our environment, promoting well-being of all our groups of influence.

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